FORAFRIC has a storage infrastructure that is unique in Morocco. The Group has 2 units that can store a total of over 275 000 tons of grain.

That organisational structure enables the Group to optimise its operation and to best meet the needs of all its mills, as well as to more effectively control its supply-chain costs.


FINAGRAIN is a trading company that imports and sells wheat.


CERELIS is a trading company that buys grain to meet the needs of the Group and its external clients.


FINALOG owns the Group’s main logistics infrastructure. It manages transport, handling, and storage activities, and has a capacity of 85 000 metric tonnes.

FINALOG is the first multimodal (road / rail) platform that is 100% dedicated to transporting grain; a railway line links it to the port of Casablanca. It has a daily reception capacity of 7 000 tonnes, and a daily delivery capacity of 3 000 tonnes.


MAYMOUNA GRAIN is located in Safi. It is involved in importing, storing, and distributing grain, and has a storage capacity of 74 000 tonnes.