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A full range with one constant: Quality and consistency

Soft wheat is the wheat variety that is the most widespread and the most cultivated worldwide. It is grown and harvested to produce flour which is then used to make bread and pastries. All our soft wheat flour is enriched with iron and vitamins.

Fine flour comes from the heart of the grain (the kernel), whose extraction of which produces the finest, whitest flour.

Used mainly by pastry and baking professionals, MayMouna Extra Blanche wheat is specially crafted to be clumps-free.

A flour carefully designed for bread-making and intended exclusively for the bread-making industry.

Durum wheat is part of the traditional diet in Morocco, as it is in most Mediterranean and North African countries. It is naturally rich in fibre, and has well-known digestive properties. Durum wheat can be processed into semolina to make pasta and couscous, as well as flour meant for baking bread. In Morocco, durum wheat is mainly used to make bread and couscous.

MayMouna Complète flour is naturally rich in fibre, and gives the ability to make durum-based whole-wheat bread.

A very fine semolina that is ideal for delicate dishes as well as for a golden-colour, voluminous, home-made bread.

Fine semolina is used mainly by manufacturers to make couscous and pasta.

MayMouna Semoule Grosse is mainly intended for making artisanal couscous.

An exclusive MayMouna product that has been specifically created to provide consumers with a flour adapted to baking home-made bread.